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Siem Reap Fresh Water Fishes Laboratory

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1. About Siem Reap Fresh Water Fishes Laboratory
   This research institute is a personal research institute.

    I do not receive the public support now.

   However, it is the research institute to be active about the 
   fish as far as it is possible for me here.

2. Purpose of the Institute
    Cambodia still has few basic documents about the fishes.

     But rapid development advances in Cambodia.

     I want to record the data of even slightly many fish.
    And I wish the data are used at many places.

3. Activity contents of the research institute

    Distribution investigation into all freshwater fishes
    inhabiting throughout Cambodia
   (include the water area except Mekong basin

    I manage data and fish specimens which I got in an


    Habits investigation into specific species

    Research to breed for the specific species

    Approximately 400 kinds of distributed data that I collected
    during 13 years is registered with the research institute

    There is the kind thought to be the non-mention class in
    the specimen keeping at a research institute.

    However, I cannot study them because I am not a

    I wish those specimens are announced in the world.

    I hope that result of this activity is helpful for future



                                                              Siem Reap Fresh Water Fishes Laboratory
                                                                             14.05.2013   Mr. Tomoyuki SATO
                                                                                          E-mail   cambotia@live.jp


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